27 August 2010

Gluten-Free Restaurant Review: Zing! Pizza

On Wednesday evening my busy schedule finally allowed for me to attend Gluten-Free Slice Night at Zing! Pizza in Cambridge's Porter Square. As I hadn't eaten pizza since June (dinner at Charley's with my friend Joy), I was beyond excited. I love pizza! (then again, who doesn't?) Their gluten-free crust is provided by Glutenus Minimus Bakery in Belmont (a favorite of mine) and quite delicious.

I was especially anxious to try to the Blue October -- roasted butternut squash sauce topped with baby spinach, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions and blue cheese crumbles. I had never had squash on pizza and I absolutely loved it. Combined with the onions and cheeses on a crispy crust, it was pizza perfection. I will definitely order a whole pie sometime this fall and enjoy with a bottle of red wine.

The other slice I tried was the Capitola -- sheep's milk feta cheese, baby spinach, mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers. It was still very good, but in comparison to the Blue October, I just wasn't all that impressed. Zing! is hoping to eventually hold Gluten-Free Slice Night weekly but right now it's only a few times per month. Their tiny restaurant was absolutely packed with local twentysomethings and suburban families alike so it would be in their best interest to accommodate these hungry gluten-free patrons more often.

I did have one customer service issue in that I ordered a slice of a pizza variety which was still being baked in the oven and was told they would bring it to me when it was ready. Cut to 15 minutes later and still no pizza. I approached a staff member who profusely apologized and gave me a slice of another flavor  of my choice, as the Augustus Classicus had already sold out.

Although I obviously didn't try it myself, my dining companion really liked his "regular" pizza (The Sundance Kid -- tomato sauce, turkey sausage, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions and parmesan) so Zing! Pizza is a win for everyone. Check them out at 1923 Massachusetts Avenue in the heart of Porter Square, easily accessible by the T and metered parking. To be fair, I will have to check out Stone Hearth Pizza soon, as they also have gluten-free pizza.


  1. Oh I've seen this place but never tried it - thanks for the info!

  2. Stone Hearth is delicious! I highly recommend it. I had their pizza with squash on it too and wow, I can't stop thinking about it.