16 August 2010

Nutrition Goal - Week of August 15, 2010

Don't think I forgot about my new weekly nutrition goal although I did not post yesterday! Last week's goal of replacing almond milk in my breakfast cereal was very successful. I actually prefer the extra nutty flavor the almond milk adds to the meal -- this will be a very easy transition to continue going forward.

This week's goal is to eat more greens. I could just say eat more vegetables, but I am particularly interested in eating more leafy, green vegetables such as spinach, kale and arugula. I's not that I do not enjoy eating these types of vegetables, I just never seem to crave them despite their fantastic nutritional properties and delicious taste. But the produce section at Whole Foods Market is filled with so many varieties right now and I am very much looking forward to experimenting with them in my kitchen this week. I will be sure to share recipes I deem worthy of sharing.

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