22 August 2010

Nutrition Goal - Week of August 22, 2010

Last week's nutrition goal to eat more greens didn't go over as well as I had planned. I'm still adjusting to my new job and preparing to move and start classes, so my energy to cook dinner severely diminished. As a result, I made very simple meals and also went out to dinner twice. I will still carry this goal into this week and make sure I have leafy green vegetables on hand so I have no excuses.

This week, my nutrition goal is to hydrate more. This is very simple and something of which I have always been very cognizant, but the way my body has been behaving lately, it's like I'm not drinking any water at all. My analysis is the combination of now being on my feet six to eight hours a day at work plus starting my B.A.A. Half Marathon training plan has altered my physiology. I've also admittedly been anxiety-ridden in anticipation of all these major life changes happening at once. My metabolism has also gone into overdrive and I'm constantly hungry. I'm trying to eat more wholesome, filling foods and also eat and drink more throughout the day. I start the Nutrition & Dietetics program at Simmons next week and I am SO EXCITED to begin to learn about the human body and its dietary needs in-depth.

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